Hi, I'm Robert!

For years I’ve had a strong passion for videography. In 2019 that materialized in the form of weddings. Since then I have enrolled in college to pursue a Bachelor's Degree in Digital Cinematography. To further my experience and expertise in not only the video side of filmmaking but in the backside that makes your video truly cinematic. Throughout my years of filming weddings, I’ve learned to create a very unique style - something I believe you can’t find anywhere else.

Furthermore, our foundation is focused on the couple who views video as a huge priority for their big day. I am not a documentary-based wedding vendor. Instead, I aim to create an artistic movie - entirely centered around the couple.

Filming weddings gives me a sense of peace and excitement that I can hardly explain. Each and every wedding I film I take it as seriously as I possibly can. This is the biggest day of your life and I plan to produce a video that goes above and beyond your expectations. When you book with me you’ll receive a killer video and a new friend. My attitude is very laid back, and I aim to make the entire experience as comfortable and as stress-free as possible. The camaraderie and fun we will have together are unmatched, and I know for a fact we will have a blast!

Before your wedding film, I’ll talk with you and find out exactly how to mold your video. We’ll talk about your story and everything that makes you great and unique. These traits will be artistically crafted into your film that will create not just a highlight film - but a story.

I'm A Marine "OORAH"!

Earning the title “Marine” has a value that lasts a lifetime. From the first day of serving, we have experienced life differently than most, as the trust our Nation places in us—lives in us. We live each day committed to a common cause that fulfills a collective sense of purpose and belonging that is shared by all who have earned the right to fight in this uniform.

As Marines, we succeed or fail based on our ability to be accountable to those we fight alongside. This dedication to those on our left and right is something that never leaves us and is revealed in the ways we continue to serve our communities long after wearing the uniform.

Marines don’t just return to communities; we’re ready to fight for them, just as purposefully as we did on battlefields abroad. There truly is no such thing as a former Marine, as after service as a Marine Veterans we are just as dedicated to advancing our Nation and defending its ideals.

As a Marine Veteran, I bring that same sense of honor and pride to my work as a videographer. Your experience matters to me and, I set out to make it a perfect day for you.

If you are a fellow Veteran, ask about our veteran discounts.

Some Of My Previous Work